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A pause in the rush to get somewhere.

August 8, 2010
[01:02:40] ­trains i guess
[01:02:43] ­are a relic
[01:02:59] ­one of the last bits of our great history left
[01:03:07] ­human’s progress
[01:03:11] ­to see a train
[01:03:15] ­its part nostalgia
[01:03:20] ­part pride
[01:03:24] ­part amazement
[01:03:28] ­part wonder
[01:03:40] ­i guess it’s a calling of sorts
[01:03:48] ­anadventure what lies beyond
[01:03:54] ­maybe thats why i like trains
[01:04:08] ­i always thought the point was to get there faster and enjoy myself
[01:04:15] ­but sometimes the journey matters
[01:04:24] ­the wait makes things worth the while
[01:04:37] ­and it doesn’t harm if the journey is beautiful along the way

Such is love.

August 9, 2009

Yesterday, i went for a talk. And the speaker asked a question, ‘How many of you love Singapore?’

6 hands rose from a sea of 30 odd people.
Explainable given the nature of the event.

But I didn’t raise my hand.

As the talk went on, on why we could possibly not feel any attachment to Singapore (‘A great divide’), i realized i don’t hate Singapore as known. But neither do I dislike her.

In fact, I love her like i love my sister. I dislike you, i will be angry at you and your actions. I’m not terribly fond of you. In fact i’m always against you. But I’ll still do things for you. Yet, you (Singapore and my sister) will ignore me in spite of what i will and am willing to do for you. I will scold you, criticize you, mock you and spurn you. But I will not let anyone do it, only I can speak bad of you. Yet should anything go wrong, at the end of the day, I will still return to help you.

Such is the extent of my loyalty and love for a country that has been my home for my life.

So Happy Birthday Singapore. You can ‘count on me’.

P.s. i still refuse to recite the pledge at 8.22 tonight.

All time favourite

July 25, 2009

When i read the theme of this month’s, ‘Sugar High Friday’, I knew immediately that i had to participate and what i would make. SHF, Alethea dearest, is a monthly food blogging event, created by Jennifer, The Domestic Goddess.

The tiramisu is an all time favourite in my place. Made often at midnight to full-fill a craving or for company that will be arriving suddenly the next day. Eaten for breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner, the tiramisu is never unwanted in my house. It Barely survives a day in the fridge and anyone wanting extras, has to snatch for it.

However… I confess, I make it with instant coffee powder, whipping cream and whatever liqueur that catches my fancy. Usually a combination of rum and frangelico.

It makes me wonder whether it really can be called as an tiramisu, for  it contains no marsala and there isn’t a need to make a zabaglione. And it only takes 10 minutes to put together. Horrors, purists would faint and refuse to eat my heretic version of a tiramisu. But unfortunately, or fortunately, that’s where the charm of my tiramisu lies. Its easy to prepare at any day of the day, no matter how old you are.

Now excuse me while i eat my tiramisu at 2am in the morning and hope to fall asleep later.

PAIN perdu

July 6, 2009

I’m staring at the last of the (stale) crusty white bloomer. And all i really want to do is to moisten the bread and toast it crisp and maybe put some ice cream in between slices. Or have a leftover chicken sandwich.

But i can’t eat crusty bread. I can’t eat crust fragant chewy bread. All i can eat is gardenia bread. (Don’t get me started on soft chewy gummy white tasteless sticky mush that passes of as bread that keeps for donkey’s years. I actually like my bread to deteriorate in condition within a few days. )

All because my wisdom tooth (the third one!*) has decided it would be a good time to grow, leaving me with swollen gums on the lower right side of my face. (PAIN.)

And i refuse to compromise on my ethics and eat gardenia. I did rather starve.  So while wallowing in pain, i started playing around with words. Pain in the a**. Pain in the neck. Painkiller. Painstaking. Pain Perdu. Bingo.

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House T shirts.

June 19, 2009
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House, Gregory House

House, Gregory House

I just realized that my old, school house t-shirt, says ‘Gregory House’ at the back.

For those not in the know, Gregory House is the protaganist of one of my favourite tv shows, ‘House’. (Well, Duh.) Cool eh? I’ve been advertising House for the longest of times!

Wow, you know what this means? I don’t have to spend money to buy a ‘House’ t-shirt. I have one!

The difference between a movie and a tv series.

May 5, 2009

I have came to a conclusion, that is not food related. 

A movie is a one night stand. Whereas, a TV series is a long term relationship. 

When you watch a tv series (eg. House, Gossip Girl, Secret Diary), you commit yourself. You invest yourself emotionally into the show. You find yourself drawn into the plot, the characters which you like or dislike. You know what you like about it, what you detest and the allure about it. 

A movie on the other hand is an decision. You choose to watch that movie, you put up with it for that time span. And when you’re done you leave. Not unlike a one night stand where you chose your victim/prey/object/interest, and whether your choice sucks or not… you’re stuck with it until the time is up.

Tea – local style

April 28, 2009